Great health food!

My son André treated me to an absolutely lovely lunch at MyVegani for Father’s Day!

Lovely flavor combinations, amazing scents ,colors and above all taste that I highly recommend!


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Great fun in Uppsala!

We enjoyed an awesome weekend in Uppsala with the family & friends! I performed my hits from the 90’s & Dj’s for an amazing crowd at ICA’s Christmas party! 

It really lifts my spirit to do something I love which is performing and DJ’ ing!

Big up Beata, Ivana, Dele & Isse & of course the kids

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Bootcamp Season in Full Swing!!

Bootcamp season is in full swing!! I’m so happy to have another sold out Bootcamp to help inspire so many people to finish the year strong!

So far the enthusiasm & energy is outstanding! Follow our Bootcamp warriors progress here on my blogg!

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Online Personal Training with Dflex

We’re in full swing with my new online Personal Training app with Lenus! 

You get; 

All in one Platform 
My favorite most effective exercises in video format 
Tracking to make sure you stay on point 
Chat once a week to make sure you’re on point!
The perfect Christmas present to start 2022 on top!! Register on the front page of website! 
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Kettle Bell Fun!


Here’s a full body kettle bell workout that is awesome & efficient! Do each movement for 40-60 seconds & repeat 2-4 sets! You’ll build muscle & burn calories like never before!

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Awesome HIT circuit


Here’s a great total toning circuit that targets your
1)Glutes & thighs
2)Core & shoulders
3)Burns calories
30 seconds each leg on split lunges/ 30 seconds each arm on swings/ 1 minute dynamic burpees! Share w a friend and try it today! It’s a killer!!

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What exercises should I do to loose weight?

Everyone is different & out bodies respond differently to various exercises BUT here are my top 5 that will definitely yield great results!
1.Weight training! The more muscle you add to your frame the faster you’ll loose weight!
2. High Intensity cardio (HIT Cardio) boxing, kettle bells, ball slams, wind sprints, hills
3.Low intensity Cardio(power walks, long distant skiing, biking)
4. Swimming ( my absolute favorite & most effective for me personally)

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DFLEX Online Personal Training!

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2021

I’m very excited to announce my new collaboration with Lenus! Personal Training with the DFLEX method anytime anywhere! 

You’ll get;

1.nutrition & fat burning programs 

2.tailor made weight training programs 

3.weekly updates 

4.tracking to stay on top of your progress 

5. video, audio & text chat 

6. motivation & pep from yours truly!

I’ll be taking on 10 clients during my first term so make sure to check out my Instagram & blogg for sign up details! Let’s get it! 

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Great Outdoor Circuit!


Here’s a great workout you can try next time you’re training outdoors!

1) Shoulder Press 1 min ( work to failure)

2) Caveman Thrusters 6-10 reps 

3) Pull ups max reps 

Do a total of 3-5 sets! It is definitely a rough circuit that will give you awesome results!

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Road back from COVID 19


Both me & Beata got hit SUPER HARD from COVID 19. Almost 3 weeks of mid to high fever. I tested the waters with physical activity a week after I was symptom free- not a good idea at all. My heart rate was off the roof and  stayed out of the gym for more than 5 weeks.

But the past 10 days I’m definitely getting back in the swing of things. Even though I lost ALOT of strength I have already started seeing results. 
But I’m not in a hurry

I talked to my doctor & have made sure to take my time but I am definitely starting to pick up where I left off!

Stay strong and keep banging!

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