Film Preparation for “Jägarna season Two”

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2020
This year I’ve had the pleasure of helping young star actor Johan Morenius prepare for his staring role  in season two of the classic “Jägarna ”  series.For season  two Johan has gone from being a rookie Police officer to a seasoned veteran. Not just mentally but even physically. The new story line requires his character to be convincing as an experienced officer  prepared to take on life or death situations with conviction! It required a complete body transformation & fortunately I was given ample time to do the job( 8 months) 
As Johan had limited training experience the foundation had to be built from the bottom up. We started the process by preparing his ligaments and joints for heavy weight lifting and body weight movements that would give his character an athletes physique- not bulky or stiff but muscular and explosive! 
The second stage was eliminating as much body fat as possible ( We went from 27% body fat to 5%!) After that hard work was done on 3 PT sessions a day we went Up to 4 PT sessions and proceeded to increase his muscle mass. During the last phase of our training our personal chef Bengt Johan Appelgren who’s helped me earlier with Mikael Persbrandt for Hamilton monitored every calorie and voila!
Total stats
Body fat 25% - 6% finish 
Weight loss  70 kg -56.2 kg
Strength increaseexample leg Press 40 kg - 200kg / Bench press 20 kg 10 reps - 40 kg 15 reps  0 chins - 13 chins
I can’t wait to see the final result on the big screen! Way to go amigo!



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