Chili Pineapple Super Burger!

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2020

This was awesome!!

1.We took the remains from the carrot 🥕, beets, ginger,chili & pepper skin from our juice, mixed with loads of black pepper, coriander, yellow curry & garlic

2.We added hot red lentils to help the patties stick together. 

3. fried 1 onion & white mushrooms 

4. laid a bed of Romain sallad & fresh pineapple 🍍 

Man the contrasts of  the heat from all the pepper, chili, curry and other herbs  🌿 with that super sweet pineapple 🍍 was out of this world!! The best thing is this you can absolutely eat during the 10 day challenge- no saturated sugar, no flower, no salt! Not even any dairy let alone animal protein 💪🏿


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