Clear your mind first thing in the morning!

One thing is for sure; if you start the day off surfing the internet most likely slide into some YouTube clips. Next thing you know you have 30-40 minutes to get the kids ready for their day & very little time for yourself to start your day motivated & inspired. 

I sleep with no cell phone in the bedroom. If I wake up, I go into my affirmations & fall easily back to sleep 💤 💯⭐️

I straight into my affirmations as soon as I wake up. It takes me 20 minutes. I fill my mind with super positive self talk. This way I am feeling positive & inspired to have a great day. 

Start with 5 minutes uninterrupted positive affirmations like “ I am going to Love myself today” repeat this for 2 minutes uninterrupted. Then try “My kids are going to have an awesome day” than one minute “ Everything is going to be just fine “ 

Choose whatever words or phrases about yourself that are true & that make you feel good. It does wonders 💯⭐️❤️


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