Hit the Pool for great results

Uncategorized Sep 26, 2020

Hit the pool for great results! 

I’ve said this for many years- crawling is by far my favorite and most effective way to get my cardio in! There are several benefits and here are just a few!
  1. Fantastic for your joints! You’re weightless in the water so it’s low impact training at its best!
  2. Every muscle in your body gets worked- arms, back, shoulders,chest, core, legs and glutes!
  3. You learn how to control your breathing and increase your lung strength & capacity 
  4. You go into a meditative state; while in the water I meditate; focusing on my breathing and clearing my mind from self talk. I focus on positive affirmations that help me feel mentally stronger and create the perfect stage for a positive day!
Go by your local pool and try a crawl course! The results you’ll get are so amazing you won’t believe your eyes!



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