Summer Energy!

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2021

Thanks is not enough for these amazing ladies! Myself & Dion had another successful Bootcamp that was fool of energy and great results! We had so much grand effort from our clients that it really pushed us to deliver the best training for our clients!

For all you Boot-campers & everyone else that has set & met their goals during the spring; see this only as the beginning ⭐️💪🏿 Make sure you;

1) Keep up your new routines! Do not slip back into the routines you had to change in the first place

2) Start your morning with physical activity! Yoga, cardio, swimming, running, DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOURSELF first thing in the morning ❤️The day can’t start out better

3) Have fun and make sure enjoy this great weather ⭐️Stay outdoors and enjoy your meals, your workouts, your meetings in fresh air and sunshine! Make sure to try some water sports, basketball, golf , tennis! Whatever turns you on make sure you activate yourself outdoors!

Once again to all our Bootcamp warriors- thanks!!🙏🏾  Have a great Monday 


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