Spring Goals!

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2020

The sun is shining here in Hurghada Egypt! I always look forward to my training trips and it’s especially fun to share this experience with my lady Beata ( our first training trip together)! 
 It gives me time to reflect and do all the things I unfortunately simply don’t have the time to do! 
So I’ve made a list of goals and two of them are 

1) Get my strength back to its normal level by lifting weights at least 4 days a week 

2) Start each day off with cardio

For years these have normal routines for me but it’s gotten tougher since I started my gym business. So now implementing these simple routines are a top priority for my wellness! I’ve already gotten off to a great start! What are your goals for this spring? Keep me posted & I’ll do the same!


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