Add fuel to your power walks!

Uncategorized May 14, 2021
Add fuel to your power walks To make get even more out of your power walks add some High Intensity movements like side shuffles with burpees Walk at a high pace for five minutes then go at it for 1-2 minutes withthis and other variations of HIT cardio!! You’ll take your cardio to the next level Share with a friend and get it in!
Film cred @andretingajan 
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Foam Rolling for healthy knees & joints


Foam rolling is amazing! Here are some simple moves to help you prevent injuries & keep your knees & joints healthy!

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Ramping up the cardio


I’m looking into having outstanding cardio going into the outdoor season! Here’s a circuit I did that was very challenging!

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Super Tasty Pre-Workout meal

Here’s a great meal to fuel your body before you hit the gym! Full of vitamins, minerals & great taste!

Knock this out 20 minutes before go time! Bon Appetite

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Breakfast Bonanza

Man this is one of my favorite breakfast choices; scrambled tofu with egg whites, hard bread with mashed avocado tomatoes & pesto! 

High in protein & healthy fats ( great nutritional density) and low on carbohydrates! 

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Killer Core


Leg raises are without doubt my go to exercise to keep my core strong & stable! 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions does the trick! 
1) make sure you flex your upper body to maintain balance 

2) lift first with your hips, then with your legs ( so you activate your abs not your hip flexors) 

3) Ask a friend to hold your back ( so you don’t rock or wobble) this makes it easier to do the movement!

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Great workout combo with Alexandra Pascalidou


Hey everybody! I’ve been friends with Alexandra Pascalidou for ages! She’s an amazing person who has always stood up for change and equality! 

We’ve gotten some absolutely outstanding results using my training methods and here is one of the combinations we’ve done that I’d like to share with you!


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Good night my love

Life most certainly has its seasons. Sadly for myself & my family we’ve lost our Mother Gunilla Mom you are already missed. This is my dedication to you; 

“Good night my love. That’s what you said after you kissed us good night & put us to sleep.
That always made me feel safe. To know that I was loved. That someone’s heart beat for me. That someone sincerely enjoyed taking of me.
You have always been my Queen.Your beautiful smile, your glorious laughter.I have adored you before I could formulate a proper sentence. I was actually convinced we were a married coupleAt the age of 3 I threatened my father the honorable Tinga Seisay after he kissed you ,returning home from leave “If you touch me wef I go kill you “ I told him in creole.
Daddy loved that story. And so do I. Because you were & are the love of my life.
I am so lucky that I had you as my mother. My mentor & most importantly my friend. So I will celebrate my love for you...

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Roll with it!


One things for sure; flexibility is vital to feeling great! The foam roller is a go to piece of equipment you should implement in your workout routine! 
check out today’s video to get you “Rolling “ in the right direction!

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New Dflex Bootcamps!!!

Great news everybody!! I’ve got two new Bootcamps coming up! 

Dflex Summer Bootcamp with Victoria Hoffman start 13/4 Tuesday’s 07.30 & Fridays 07.00 at Hart 54! 

Dflex Outdoor Bootcamp with Dion DuBose start start 19/4 Monday 07.00 & Wednesday 07.00 as well as Monday 07.00 & 12.00!! 

Full Body workouts, nutrition programs & daily motivation! Book your slots on!!

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