Monday motivation!

Hope the weekend was great! Today ( Sunday ) I’ve been planning out my workouts for next week. Last week myself & Dion ( my training partner & colleague) did very well as the goal was to get our workouts done before work! 
Getting up in time to train 05.00 is tough but with the right planning ( getting to bed early ) I’m feeling confident going into tomorrow mornings session! 

The goal this week is to get our two a days up & running! So our morning workout is strength & our second workout is HIT cardio & flexibility! 

Set some goals for next week! Take it one day at a time and knock them out the park!

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Turbocharged!! HIT training

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2021

I’ve implicated High Intensity Training for years! There are loads of benefits!

1. You continue to burn calories long after you’re done training 

2.Research shows that for adults over 40 it’s more beneficial with shorter high intensity workouts than longer cardiovascular workouts 

3.It builds character! If you get through these tougher cardio workouts it makes everything else you do in your workout regimen look easy!

Give it a go and let me know what you think!!

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This was sooooo good!!

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2021

Once again my lady Beata made the best breakfast ever! This time mashed avocado, tomatoes and pesto on hard bread with a tofu egg white omelette!!

Full of great fats, vitamins and protein! Give it a go tomorrow and let me know what you think!

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Strong hamstrings do wonders!


There are loads of reasons to build your hams ( the back of your thighs) and your glutes ( your bum, booty, tush, heiny etc ) 

1. These exercises build these muscles & when these muscles are sturdy your body feels better. When you feel better you feel good and that’s awesome! 

2. You can relieve knee & back pain from doing these exercises 

3. These exercises change the shape of your booty & hamstrings! They are very efficient and give visible results 

Give it a go & let me know what you think!


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Stay on Top!

Man I’m so excited with the results from our last Bootcamp Increased muscle, flexibility & endurance without OVERTRAINING!!

These results in only 5 WEEKS!! The coolest thing is that it’s improved results with less output- that leads to longevity! 

We’re in the middle of our latest Bootcamp but I’ll let you guys know when we’re ready for our Burst into Summer Camp which will start in April

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Let’s build those muscles!


Hey everybody! Looking forward to bringing useful information every week   so let’s start off with something that everyone wants; MUSCLES !!

I’m very pleased with my progress this year! Thanks to having a great training partner “Dion Debois” from Atlanta Georgia we’ve made huge gains in the gym! 

The results we’ve got have reflected on our Bootcamp & PT results! We always start the week with legs & here is one of our go to moves “ Leg Press” Great for the entire lower body with no stress on the spine! 

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

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Dflex Fall Bootcamp



So stoked for the next Dflex Bootcamp!! Last spring was a major success! The energy, focus and fun we had was simply amazing. Going outdoors was superb and simply meeting up and enjoying each other’s company was great especially in these days and times. We’re back indoors for our current Bootcamp which started three weeks ago Hart 54! The
energy has been amazing and the results absolutely outstanding! Looking forward to our next Bootcamp which will start in November!
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Consistency is the Key!

Consistency is the key!
I’m entering a flow state with my wellness. Training,nutrition & most importantly my state of mind! Adding wind to my sails, propelling me forward into a positive light. One movement at a time, one repetition at a time, one thought ( or no thoughts keeping the mind still) at a time. With this bit of information I’m sharing today I hope you understand how important it is to embrace this moment right now. Embrace this victory, even it’s something as simple as having made your bed in the morning or preparation of your meals for the day. That you woke up and drank your energy water to cleanse your organs. That you really listened to how your partner, child or friends day was with enthusiasm and interest. Be proud of every step you take forward into becoming an amazing, loving and great human being


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Get back up!

Honestly I’ve had so much to do at our gym Hart54 last spring that I had literally time for two workouts a week. During my more than 30 years as a professional PT I averaged 2 workouts a day 4-5 days a week. So when my workout volume decreased by such a significant number so did my strength, metabolism and flexibility. Last spring was not good for my physique. So I decided to find a way to make things work! Weekly goals starting with at least one physical activity a day and staying consistent with both my diet and training. We all have our ups and downs; what’s important is that you get back up! 


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Hit the Pool for great results

Uncategorized Sep 26, 2020

Hit the pool for great results! 

I’ve said this for many years- crawling is by far my favorite and most effective way to get my cardio in! There are several benefits and here are just a few!
  1. Fantastic for your joints! You’re weightless in the water so it’s low impact training at its best!
  2. Every muscle in your body gets worked- arms, back, shoulders,chest, core, legs and glutes!
  3. You learn how to control your breathing and increase your lung strength & capacity 
  4. You go into a meditative state; while in the water I meditate; focusing on my breathing and clearing my mind from self talk. I focus on positive affirmations that help me feel mentally stronger and create the perfect stage for a positive day!
Go by your local pool and try a crawl course! The results you’ll get are so amazing you won’t believe your eyes!


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