Great Leg Combo


Happy Tuesday everyone! Try this awesome combo at home or at the gymIt’s a killer!

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Throw Back Thursday!

I thought I’d throw it back with my very first  workout program from 1997 “ Personal Best” VHS!! This was before internet was discovered !!! 

We had an absolutely awesome time recording both in Stockholm and even Mombasa Kenya! I had then Ms Sweden Annica Duchmark, Ms Fitness Sweden Eva Linda Karlson and Saunette Sparell from Basic Element with me! Masse Söderström did an amazing time directing & editing. A great experience which lead to many great experiences

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Live Stream “Inferno “ workout 23/4 16.00


Super stoked with “ Inferno” with the Champ “ Mikaela Lauren!! It’s an absolutely outstanding fun workout! 
Join the fun this Thursday 16.00 via my instagram @dflex_fitness or @mikaelalauren1 live-streams!! It’s going to be awesome!

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Morning flow

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020

Step by step trying to get the ball rolling! Whenever I start my day off with a combination of movements like in today’s vlog I simply feel better. Everything becomes easier! Roll out of bed and MOVE! Try this one today and let me know what you think

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Rubber Band Upper Body Combo


Yo this one is great to warm up and stimulate your muscle fibers in specifically your


2) Shoulders 

3) Biceps & core

Even very good to do as a proper warm up before tennis, golf, hoops or any physical activity 

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Dflex Outdoor Bootcamp with Hart 54!!

This spring I’m taking my Boot Camp back to where it all started;the great outdoors!! 
Start 4/5
Mon/Wed/Fri 07-08
Full Body HIT training with Dflex! Amazing energy and fantastic results.
1.Nutrition Program 
2.Fat Burning Program 
3.Whats App support group
4.Tanita scale weigh ins ( includes fat% BMI & much more)
5.Three 55 min full body workouts with resistance bands, dumbbells, so no matter what level of fitness you are at, you can participate.
6. Change and shower at the fabulous Hart 54
Go to to book your slot!
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Toned Tight glutes


This is a very excellent combination of movements to strengthen, tone and tighten your glutes and thighs! Try this today and let me know what you think!

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Happy Saturday 🌈

It’s always the best hanging out with the kids! Everything from cooking together, hearing how school and social life is going, training and even creating together! We always use the main ingredient that I learned from my Mom & brother George- make it FUN

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Power packed Hummus!

This is a great snack or even pre workout meal. In a bed of greens and berries I serve up some awesome home made hummus! The berries and beats are high in minerals vitamins & antitoxins! Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are a type of legume that is full of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates!


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Thanks for your support!

In these challenging times I wanted to take time and thank you all for your support! I am positive that we as a race will get through this. I felt and feel that it is very important to acknowledge my appreciation for the enthusiasm and energy I get from my loved ones & clients! If you have someone special who picks you up & boosts your energy- let them know!

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