10 day challenge with Beata!!

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2020

So yesterday Beata started the day with  an hour long walk! 

I decided to start this 10 day challenge with a proper juice cleanse to boost our immune system ( Good idea as we’ve traveled to clean the system out) 

So today we went with egg whites, black beans with some greens To boost the metabolism after fasting. We had the following about 90 minutes later: A lot of green tea in between ( Doctors say it’s important to increase water intake especially warm water) every meal! So it’s 09.30 now we’ll get ready to get some exercise in!

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Band Burner!! Tighten, tone & strengthen your glutes

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2020

Here’s one of my favorite pieces of simple home equipment you can take with you everywhere! 

Make sure;

1.keep your feet apart!! That maximizes muscle contact and feel( that you feel it in the right place-You’re backside, buns, bum cake or whatever you’ve nicknamed your glutes) 

do 3-5 sets of 60 second intervals with 10 seconds rest in between!!

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Uncategorized Mar 20, 2020

Everyone that is close to me knows that I’m very optimistic. I feel more energized, stable and strong (both mentally & physically)choosing the positive mind state. Thinking about what can go right instead what can go wrong. When things don’t go my way what can I learn from this experience instead of seeing the experience as failure. You always have a choice no matter what situation you face, but it’s up to you to choose which direction you want to go in.

In these challenging times we as a human race have very important decisions to make. The decisions we make RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW can’t be based on selfishness. They have to be based on unity. Uniting and bonding so that we as a race will overcome this pandemic TOGETHER.

So I ask myself “What can I do to make a difference?” Right now I feel the best thing I can do is share the tools I have been blessed to acquire over the more than 30 years as a Personal Trainer. I’m going to share the...

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Spring Goals!

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2020

The sun is shining here in Hurghada Egypt! I always look forward to my training trips and it’s especially fun to share this experience with my lady Beata ( our first training trip together)! 
 It gives me time to reflect and do all the things I unfortunately simply don’t have the time to do! 
So I’ve made a list of goals and two of them are 

1) Get my strength back to its normal level by lifting weights at least 4 days a week 

2) Start each day off with cardio

For years these have normal routines for me but it’s gotten tougher since I started my gym business. So now implementing these simple routines are a top priority for my wellness! I’ve already gotten off to a great start! What are your goals for this spring? Keep me posted & I’ll do the same!

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The Power of Positive thought!

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2020

I’m more than excited to share these thoughts with you on this day! The 28th of March 2020! For some reason I just know, have felt that this year will be epic.

I understand at this point in my life that it’s always important to trust your intuition. For me my intuition or “gut feeling “ has never been wrong. For good or bad it’s never failed me. As 2019 was winding down I found myself looking forward. For some reason I began propelling myself towards the next level.My thoughts and dreams began to take shape. I could see it all in front of me- just like I did more than 30 years ago when I envisioned myself becoming an artist. I painted vivid pictures in my mind of how I would move onstage, how I would flow on the microphone, what I would wear how I would perform and how the performance would be.

As time moved forward I began visualizing creating a business that would be founded on getting people into shape individually.I painted pictures of the workouts,...

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Great news! I have a blog!

fun health inspiration news Feb 27, 2020

Hi everyone! 

This is my first blogpost! And many more will follow.

So proud of all of you who focus on your health. With d-flex.se this will be easier - programs, forums and this blog where you will get even more health inspiration. 

Talk soon!


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