Outdoor Bootcamp Bonanza!!


The Dflex Outdoor Bootcamp is a sold out bonanza!! So much great energy and fun!! 
Here’s a little action from last Friday’s workout ‍

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Super Tasty Pre-Workout meal

Here’s a great meal to fuel your body before you hit the gym! Full of vitamins, minerals & great taste!

Knock this out 20 minutes before go time! Bon Appetite

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Great workout combo with Alexandra Pascalidou


Hey everybody! I’ve been friends with Alexandra Pascalidou for ages! She’s an amazing person who has always stood up for change and equality! 

We’ve gotten some absolutely outstanding results using my training methods and here is one of the combinations we’ve done that I’d like to share with you!


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Let’s build those muscles!


Hey everybody! Looking forward to bringing useful information every week   so let’s start off with something that everyone wants; MUSCLES !!

I’m very pleased with my progress this year! Thanks to having a great training partner “Dion Debois” from Atlanta Georgia we’ve made huge gains in the gym! 

The results we’ve got have reflected on our Bootcamp & PT results! We always start the week with legs & here is one of our go to moves “ Leg Press” Great for the entire lower body with no stress on the spine! 

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

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Dflex Fall Bootcamp



So stoked for the next Dflex Bootcamp!! Last spring was a major success! The energy, focus and fun we had was simply amazing. Going outdoors was superb and simply meeting up and enjoying each other’s company was great especially in these days and times. We’re back indoors for our current Bootcamp which started three weeks ago Hart 54! The
energy has been amazing and the results absolutely outstanding! Looking forward to our next Bootcamp which will start in November!
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Get back up!

Honestly I’ve had so much to do at our gym Hart54 last spring that I had literally time for two workouts a week. During my more than 30 years as a professional PT I averaged 2 workouts a day 4-5 days a week. So when my workout volume decreased by such a significant number so did my strength, metabolism and flexibility. Last spring was not good for my physique. So I decided to find a way to make things work! Weekly goals starting with at least one physical activity a day and staying consistent with both my diet and training. We all have our ups and downs; what’s important is that you get back up! 


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High Fat Power Meal!

This vegan delight was simply marvelous! Fresh greens, carbohydrates, proteins with essential fats from avocados nuts & seeds! 

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Bootcamp Warriors!!


07.00 every Monday Wednesday & Friday!! Now we’re 2 weeks, 6 hard workouts into The Dflex Outdoor Bootcamp! 

Full body cardiovascular strength workouts and so far the energy levels are off the chains!!

Im really looking forward to next week!!

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