Great Outdoor Circuit!


Here’s a great workout you can try next time you’re training outdoors!

1) Shoulder Press 1 min ( work to failure)

2) Caveman Thrusters 6-10 reps 

3) Pull ups max reps 

Do a total of 3-5 sets! It is definitely a rough circuit that will give you awesome results!

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Road back from COVID 19


Both me & Beata got hit SUPER HARD from COVID 19. Almost 3 weeks of mid to high fever. I tested the waters with physical activity a week after I was symptom free- not a good idea at all. My heart rate was off the roof and  stayed out of the gym for more than 5 weeks.

But the past 10 days I’m definitely getting back in the swing of things. Even though I lost ALOT of strength I have already started seeing results. 
But I’m not in a hurry

I talked to my doctor & have made sure to take my time but I am definitely starting to pick up where I left off!

Stay strong and keep banging!

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Standing Abs One


No, it’s not the latest dance move from @tictocdances It’s standing abs for;
1)The front of your stomach
2) The sides of your stomach
I add dynamic movement to burn calories simultaneously either low impact ( no jumping) or high impact ( lots of jumping )
A signature move from my Body Fit classes you can do anytime, anywhere when working out ‍

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Strong hamstrings do wonders!


There are loads of reasons to build your hams ( the back of your thighs) and your glutes ( your bum, booty, tush, heiny etc ) 

1. These exercises build these muscles & when these muscles are sturdy your body feels better. When you feel better you feel good and that’s awesome! 

2. You can relieve knee & back pain from doing these exercises 

3. These exercises change the shape of your booty & hamstrings! They are very efficient and give visible results 

Give it a go & let me know what you think!


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Stay on Top!

Man I’m so excited with the results from our last Bootcamp Increased muscle, flexibility & endurance without OVERTRAINING!!

These results in only 5 WEEKS!! The coolest thing is that it’s improved results with less output- that leads to longevity! 

We’re in the middle of our latest Bootcamp but I’ll let you guys know when we’re ready for our Burst into Summer Camp which will start in April

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Consistency is the Key!

Consistency is the key!
I’m entering a flow state with my wellness. Training,nutrition & most importantly my state of mind! Adding wind to my sails, propelling me forward into a positive light. One movement at a time, one repetition at a time, one thought ( or no thoughts keeping the mind still) at a time. With this bit of information I’m sharing today I hope you understand how important it is to embrace this moment right now. Embrace this victory, even it’s something as simple as having made your bed in the morning or preparation of your meals for the day. That you woke up and drank your energy water to cleanse your organs. That you really listened to how your partner, child or friends day was with enthusiasm and interest. Be proud of every step you take forward into becoming an amazing, loving and great human being


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Can Vegetarians build muscle?


A lot of people wonder if it’s possible to build muscle on a plant based diet. Many experts still insist that you need to build muscle with red meat, poultry ( chicken/ turkey) & fish. 

I began delving into plant based eating 10 years ago. Whenever I had to get in top shape I would eliminate red meat & poultry from my diet and stick to fish. Then I asked myself “What protein source is lighter than fish?” Egg whites, beans & lentils! I got more definition but more importantly my recovery and endurance improved DRASTICALLY. Many “experts” say you need meet for strength ( you actually need carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals & fats for strength) I noticed absolutely  no decrease whatsoever in muscle mass or strength. 

So if you’re following a plant based diet you have nothing to worry about as long as you read up and be creative in the kitchen! You can enjoy great tasting meals and achieve fantastic results at the gym!

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