Breakfast Bonanza

Man this is one of my favorite breakfast choices; scrambled tofu with egg whites, hard bread with mashed avocado tomatoes & pesto! 

High in protein & healthy fats ( great nutritional density) and low on carbohydrates! 

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Monday motivation!

Hope the weekend was great! Today ( Sunday ) I’ve been planning out my workouts for next week. Last week myself & Dion ( my training partner & colleague) did very well as the goal was to get our workouts done before work! 
Getting up in time to train 05.00 is tough but with the right planning ( getting to bed early ) I’m feeling confident going into tomorrow mornings session! 

The goal this week is to get our two a days up & running! So our morning workout is strength & our second workout is HIT cardio & flexibility! 

Set some goals for next week! Take it one day at a time and knock them out the park!

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Great work at Hart 54!


This spring has been great in spite of all the obstacles we’ve been facing! I’ve been blessed to help all of you stay in shape and healthy! Thanks for the great effort and energy at the gym everyone!

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Home workout with Mini Flex!


Well this used to be a lot easier  

Making my home workout fun with my lovely daughter Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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