Ramping up the cardio


I’m looking into having outstanding cardio going into the outdoor season! Here’s a circuit I did that was very challenging!

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Good night my love

Life most certainly has its seasons. Sadly for myself & my family we’ve lost our Mother Gunilla Mom you are already missed. This is my dedication to you; 

“Good night my love. That’s what you said after you kissed us good night & put us to sleep.
That always made me feel safe. To know that I was loved. That someone’s heart beat for me. That someone sincerely enjoyed taking of me.
You have always been my Queen.Your beautiful smile, your glorious laughter.I have adored you before I could formulate a proper sentence. I was actually convinced we were a married coupleAt the age of 3 I threatened my father the honorable Tinga Seisay after he kissed you ,returning home from leave “If you touch me wef I go kill you “ I told him in creole.
Daddy loved that story. And so do I. Because you were & are the love of my life.
I am so lucky that I had you as my mother. My mentor & most importantly my friend. So I will celebrate my love for you...

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New Dflex Bootcamps!!!

Great news everybody!! I’ve got two new Bootcamps coming up! 

Dflex Summer Bootcamp with Victoria Hoffman start 13/4 Tuesday’s 07.30 & Fridays 07.00 at Hart 54! 

Dflex Outdoor Bootcamp with Dion DuBose start start 19/4 Monday 07.00 & Wednesday 07.00 as well as Monday 07.00 & 12.00!! 

Full Body workouts, nutrition programs & daily motivation! Book your slots on www.Hart54.se!!

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Live Stream “Inferno “ workout 23/4 16.00


Super stoked with “ Inferno” with the Champ “ Mikaela Lauren!! It’s an absolutely outstanding fun workout! 
Join the fun this Thursday 16.00 via my instagram @dflex_fitness or @mikaelalauren1 live-streams!! It’s going to be awesome!

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